How To Remove A Stain From A Wool Coat

Written By: shiloh taylor

The most careful person in the world can have a mishap that leaves their wool jacket stained and unwearable. However, with the proper care, the stain on the wool coat can be easily removed.

Choosing The Right Products

In choosing a product to clean off the stain, an individual has to be careful of which product they use because wool is very sensitive to heat, acidic treatments, bleaches, and alkaline. Before choosing a product to remove the stain, check the label to see if it is safe for wool.

Food Stains

Food stains can easily be removed with cold soapy water and a sponge. Work the soaked sponge carefully from the outside of the stain to the center. Coffee and tea stains will lift better if glycerin if used instead of soap and water.

Wine Stains

To get rid of a wine stain apply a capful of white vinegar to the area, and allow it to sit for five minutes. Next step is to blot the stain with a wet towel, and again with a dry towel. Apply a quarter sized amount of enzyme on the stain, and let it sit for 30 minutes. Blot the area again with the wet towel, and then blot with a dry towel. The last step is to wash the wool jacket according to the instructions on the tag.

Wax and Chewing Gum Stains

Wax and chewing gum stains have to harden before removing. Put the jacket in the freezer for at least an hour to allow the wax or gum to harden and make it brittle. Carefully scrap the gum or wax off after it is frozen. Using dry cleaning fluids will remove any remaining gum off the jacket. To remove wax, turn the jacket inside out, and place several layers of paper towels underneath the stain. Using an iron set for wool, warm the stain to transfer the wax onto the layers of paper towels.

Oil Based Stains

Oil based stains like salad dressing, butter, or motor oil are very hard to remove. Begin by blotting or scrapping any excess oil. Place a dry paper towel or cloth underneath the stain. and sponge the stain with dry cleaning fluid.

Fresh Stains

To get rid of a fresh stain use a dry cloth, and blot the area where the excess residue has not yet penetrated the fabric. Next, apply lukewarm water on the clean cloth and continue to blot the stain, rinsing the cloth and repeating the process until the stain lightens.

Old Or Severe Stains

If the stain is old or severe, cover the area with wool safe stain remover, or wool safe liquid laundry detergent. To make the detergent stronger, add a few drops of vinegar into the detergent. The liquid has to sit for at least half an hour before the stain starts to lighten. Apply more detergent if it is absorbed.
If the stain takes up a large amount of space on the jacket, fill the sink with water, add one ounce of detergent and let the jacket sit for 30 minutes, Using a clean cloth, gently blot the stained area before rinsing thoroughly with clean water. Repeat if needed.